LifeRight Outreach:   Men’s House Rules


Avoidance of any of the rules below will be noted as necessary on your monthly assessment, and
continual non-conformance can cause removal from the facility. We refer to that as the 3 Strike Rule


1. Program Classes – All residents are required to attend ALL Programming at LifeRight Outreach (LRO) unless you have made prior arrangements with staff. ** This includes campus Life Skills, volunteer projects in our community and community outreach projects. NO personal calls allowed during ANY Programming! 

2. Paid Employment – Residents are NOT ALLOWED to work (have a Job) during their first 90 days in the program! Once they successfully complete the first 90 days, they are encouraged to find paid employment (work) in a healthy work environment. There are some exceptions for Teen Challenge graduates and other determinations will be made on a case by case basis. 

3. Church – All residents are required to attend the LifeRight services held on Wednesday at 6:30pm. Residents are encouraged to find a local church to attend on Sunday mornings and to get involved in the activities that the church offers. You are responsible for finding your own ride to and from other churches. Simply contact the church you wish to attend and ask if they have a list of volunteers who could pick you up from LRO for a church. 

4. Medical or Personal Appointments – Appointments are to be made after scheduled programming hours. You need to be responsible to find your own transportation. Contact Love INC a day or two in advance to get a volunteer driver to bring you to your appointment(s) at (320)759-3022. 

5. Sign Out – There is a SIGN OUT LOG near front doors that must be filled out each time You leave and return to the facility. Put your name, date, time leaving, destination, and time of return needs to be clearly documented on sign out log sheets. NO EXCEPTIONS!!! 

6. Time Away from Campus – Residents are only allowed to be off-campus a maximum of 4 hours at a time without prior approval. Be sure to sign out and in when returning! 

7. Quiet Time -- Please be respectful of other residents who may be sleeping, before lights out or who work different shifts and may be sleeping during the day, by keeping conversations in bedrooms and using headphones while listening to music/podcasts/phones after 9:00pm. ALL CELL phones will be turned in by 10:00pm and returned at 8:00am. 

8. Curfew -- All residents are required to be on LifeRight Outreach (LRO) property grounds by 9:00pm. Any one not on the campus by this time must have prior approval. 

9. Chores – Residents are given chores that are to be completed each day. If for some reason you are unable to do your assigned chore, you are responsible for finding someone to do that chore for you. 

10. Bedrooms – Bedrooms must be kept clean! Beds made, floors vacuumed and belongings in order. Floors are to be kept free of clothing and extra belongings other than tools and perhaps a floor fan and/or a bicycle. Doors are to REMAIN OPEN when anyone is in your room with you. ** PARENTS ** Playpens can be in your rooms. However, when not in use, please close up playpens and store them in the corner of the room. 

11. NO Women – allowed in your rooms at any time! They can visit, but no women on the property after 9:00pm. 

12. NO Drugs use!NO Drug use! NO Alcohol use! ALL medications MUST be turned in to staff when you first arrive. Medication sheets (provided by us) need to be filled out and any narcotic medications will be locked up. 

13. PASS Requests  –  All pass requests MUST be turned in by Wednesday by noon. If approved for a weekend pass, your pass starts at 4:30pm on Friday and ends Sunday at 8:00pm. You MUST return ON TIME! 

14. NO rated R movies – Television shows must be wholesome. NO televisions or iPads allowed in your rooms at any time. If during a room check either are found, they will be locked up in Administrator’s office until you successfully graduate or move out. 

15. NO Profanity! – Bad language is NOT allowed on the LifeRight Outreach campus. 

16. No secular music or books. – When listening to music, please pick music with no profanity and keep the volume low for there are other residents that may be resting. 

17. No new romantic relationships. – Please discuss this with the Director or other staff when you move in. 

18. DO NOT – walk out of the bathroom without being dressed. NO ONE is to walk around without a shirt on! 

19. Possession of a vehicle – You MUST show current proof of your VALID Driver’s License and Proof of your VALID Auto Insurance. A copy of both must be turned into the Administrator upon arrival of a vehicle on campus. 

19. Have fun while you’re at LifeRight Outreach. If this is a 2nd or 3rd chance for you, work on YOU!!! 

(SAMPLE) By signing this you understand and will follow ALL of these RULES! If you violate any of these rules, you are subject to be removed from LifeRight Outreach. A violation of any of these rules will be noted in your case file. This means you could be asked to leave. If you have a parole officer/probation officer/ISR Agent, you will have to contact them immediately or our Administrator will forward a copy of the rule violation to them. Show us that you will work hard to be in this residential housing facility and our programming. We want the best for you!